Northville Public Schools Highlights Hardworking Food Service Staff

"I've worked over 20 years in food service and the last two and a half years have been like nothing else I've ever experienced. Food service is always challenging, it's always fast paced, it's always a little bit of where you have to think on your feet. The last two and a half years have been five times that, ten times that. Covid just kind of put a wrench in everything, multiple times, sometimes the day before. It's been crazy," explained Carrie Morfino, food service manager, NPS.
Lunches are free for students this year, it's a blessing and a curse because the already understaffed lunch ladies are serving triple the number of kids they're use to and the food supply chain is lacking.
Katie Rork, NPS district communications specialist, got a behind the scenes look at our hardworking food service teams and talked to them about what they love most about their job.
Right now, NPS food service is trying to fill more than 15 part-time and full-time positions around the district. To apply, visit, and then click on the Employment button, then Current Job Openings. A big thank you goes out to our food service staff for providing nutritious meals made with love each and every day.