Transportation Updates for 2022/23 School Year

Provided below is an important update from the Transportation Department for the 2022-23 school year:
Bus Driver Shortage
As you know, a national bus driver shortage adversely impacted most school districts during the pandemic, resulting in the need for the District to schedule bus route cancellations on a rotating basis last year.  We also realize that some bus routes were longer than usual, as the District was forced to consolidate some routes due to an insufficient number of bus drivers.  We realize this disrupted schedules, and posed an inconvenience for those families affected by the cancellations and extended runs, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked through that difficult period last year.    
As we look forward to the new school year, we are happy to report that our transportation provider (Durham Student Services) and the District have worked together over the summer to hire a sufficient number of drivers to avoid scheduled cancellations at this time.  Additionally, while some bus runs may be somewhat shorter this year, Durham is still actively hiring. so that staffing and routing can return to pre-pandemic levels for all bus routes and student travel.
Bus Stop Assignments
Initial bus stop assignments for students who are eligible for District bus transportation will be available in the Parent Portal on Wednesday, August 31st. While initial bus stop assignments will be available on August 31st, parents and guardians are encouraged to double check the Parent Portal, if possible, over the Labor Day weekend, as occasional adjustments may need to be made based on late student registration information.
Bus Tracker & Other Transportation Information
For parents and guardians who are new to the District this year, Durham Student Services has a phone app available (Bus Tracker) that enables parents and guardians to locate the position of their bus relative to their assigned bus stop.  Information regarding the Bus Tracker program, and how to access this useful tool, is included on the Transportation Department web page (on the District website, under Departments).  
Finally, parents and guardians are encouraged to review the Transportation web page for General Information and Frequently Asked Questions regarding the District’s bus program, as this contains important information regarding transportation eligibility and general rules to ensure the safe transportation of your students throughout the year.  The Transportation web page also contains a link to the Parent Question/Concern Form, which particularly during the initial few weeks of the school year, is the most efficient way to reach the Transportation Department for non-emergency situations.   
Thank you for your cooperation.