NPS Bolsters Safety Measures with Addition of Third School Resource Officer

Northville Public Schools is excited to announce the addition of another dedicated school resource officer (SRO) to our team, bringing the total to three officers. Take a look at our SRO team...
We love our School Resource Officers! Robert McFadden, Meads Mill, Northville Township Police Department. Michael Brown, Northville High School, Northville Township Police Department. Patrick Lindberg, Hillside, City of Northville Police Department.
Officer Michael Brown is with the Northville Township Police Department and has been the SRO at Northville High School for the past three years. 
We welcomed Officer Robert McFadden in September 2023. He is also with the Northville Township Police Department and is stationed at Meads Mill Middle School.
And now, the most recent addition is Officer Patrick Lindberg, who is with the City of Northville Police Department. Officer Lindberg started in January 2024 and is stationed at Hillside Middle School.
"Since this is a new role here at Hillside Middle School, I’m looking forward to working with the administration and help building relationships not only with these students but also with the staff and parents and try to minimize any issues or problems we may have here at the school," explained Officer Lindberg.
Hillside Middle School principal Bill Jones said, "I’m very excited to have an SRO here at Hillside. We have a very good relationship with the City Police Department and having an officer here in the building, all day, every day is great just from an advisory standpoint, certainly from a student safety standpoint."
"What I’m trying to focus on here is building relationships with the staff and students, trying to break down any misconceptions that anyone might have of police officers, give them an opportunity to see me as just someone else and possibly as a resource if they need someone to talk to," said Officer Lindberg.
Another friendly face and an extra layer of protection right in our schools.
Northville Public Schools proudly announces the addition of a third School Resource Officer (SRO). With the appointment of Officer Patrick Lindberg as the newest member of the SRO team, the district reaffirms its commitment to fostering a secure and nurturing learning environment.
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